HackNA 2020

A high school hackathon for the Greater Pittsburgh Area


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HackNA is a high school hackathon taking place at North Allegheny Senior High School on Saturday, April 18th, 2020. During the competition, you will create a software or hardware project from scratch based on a central theme revealed on-site. No prior experience is required – we welcome anyone interested and will be providing workshops and mentor expertise to help you get started! At the end of the day, teams will pitch their project to a panel of judges in a chance to win sponsored prizes and rewards.


The event will be taking place on Saturday, April 18th, 2020 from 8:00am to 8:00pm. We will start the day off with an opening presenter, give about 10 hours of hacking time with optional workshops throughout the day — food and snacks will be provided — and end with an awards ceremony.


HackNA will take place at North Allegheny Senior High School.
10375 Perry Hwy, Wexford, PA 15090


What is a hackathon?

In the context of HackNA, a hackathon is best described as an “invention marathon.” Throughout the course of the day, you and your team will collaborate together to build a fun and creative project centered around a theme revealed on site. Absolutely no experience is needed to participate either! We’ll be providing workshops and mentor expertise to help you get started!

What if I don't know how to code?

That's not a problem! Your experience doesn't matter for you to be successful at a hackathon. We're passionate about making our hackathons very welcoming and beginner-friendly, which is why we're also going to be providing optional workshops throughout the day to help you get started if you need it.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by clicking the sign up button on the home page or the one below. Remember to share the link with friends to get them involved as well!


Is there a registration deadline?

We ask that all registrations be in by January 1 at 11:59pm. This gives us enough time to prepare accordingly and ensure that enough food is ordered.

Who can participate?

Anyone in middle or high school. We’re open to anyone and everyone around the Pittsburgh area! (You’re still welcome to join us even if you’re not in Pittsburgh!)

I'm a college student. Can I still attend?

Unfortunately, the hackathon is exclusively for middle and high school students, so you won't be able to participate. If you would like to help out, you’re more than welcome to help mentor teams or judge!


Can I sponsor HackNA?

Absolutely! HackNA is funded 100% through sponsors! Get started here.


How can I get in touch?

Feel free to email us at anytime with questions at contact@hackna.org!


Wait, isn't hacking illegal?

Gaining unauthorized access to a server or network is extremely illegal… and you definitely shouldn’t do it. But in the context of HackNA, “hacking” is efficiently making a software or hardware project in the span of 12 hours.

What if I don’t have an idea?

That’s normal. Most people don’t have an idea before they get to the event. But once you start talking to other people, you might come up with something. You can also work with somebody else on their idea if you like it. And there will be prizes at the event which might help give you some ideas. Don’t worry about it, you’ll find something to work on!

What can I build?

Anything! You can build whatever you want: websites, programs, mobile apps, anything! We’ll be revealing a theme on site that your project must be centered around, but it's going to be completely open to your interpretation!

Do I need to work in a group?

Nope, working in a group is by no means required. However, completing a project in 12 hours can be daunting alone, so it might be easier to work with a partner or in a small group of up to 5 members.

What if I don’t have a team?

That’s ok. If you’re interested in participating and don’t have a team, you can still sign up. We will have dedicated team building time allocated at the beginning of the competition to help you find other participants to work with.

How many people can be on a team?

Teams can have at most 5 people, but they definitely can have less people. If you prefer flying solo or working in a pair, that’s cool too!

Can I submit past projects?

No, to keep true to the spirit of a hackathon, you may not submit past projects. All projects must be fully developed on site at HackNA. This ensures a level playing field and keeps the competition fair.

Who will own my "brain child"?

All of the work done by you and your team will be completely yours. We hope that you will continue to work on the project after HackNA!

How will I be Judged?

The link to the rubric is here.

Will there be food?

Absolutely! We will be providing lunch and dinner at absolutely no cost to you! There’ll also be plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you energized. If you’ve got specific dietary requirements, you should let us know when you sign up, and we will be more than happy to make arrangements.

Do I need my own laptop/computer?

If you have one that you can bring, we recommend that you do. However, if you're unable to, we will have some for you to borrow. Please indicate whether you need to borrow a laptop when you sign up so we can prepare accordingly.

Will hardware be provided?

We will have a limited supply of Arduinos, breadboards, wires, and other electrical components. If you have your own equipment, we recommend that you bring it. Please exercise caution and refrain from bringing dangerous equipment (soldering setups, high voltage batteries, etc).

What can I win?

The high school teams and middle school teams are split into two sections. For high schoolers: 1st place: $300 - 2nd place: $200 - 3rd place: $100. For middle schoolers: 1st place: $50 - 2nd place: $25.

What does it cost to attend?

Nothing for you! Thanks to the generous help from our sponsors, all costs for HackNA are covered. This includes meals, snacks, drinks, and everything else that makes a hackathon fun and exciting!

Which rooms are we allowed in?






Registration Enter through the front doors of NASH (parking available in the front and side of the school)
Opening Ceremony and Kickoff We will have a guest speaker from CMU's Information Networking Institute talking about what CMU is doing currently, what he forsees in the future of technology, and how CMU is playing a role in that realm.
8:45am Hacking Begins!
Team Building in the Library Don't have a team? Find people to work with!
Workshop (Optional)  Intro to Programming: We’ll teach you the basics of Python and how to possibly use it in your project!
Workshop (Optional)  Intro to Web Design: We'll teach you the basics of HTML and how to construct a website.
Workshop (Optional)  Intro to Electronics: We'll be going over everything you need to build your own circuit.
Lunch! Provided from TBD
Final Team Registration Send one of your team members to register your team for judging
Dinner! Provided from Monte Cellos
6:00pm Hacking Ends!
Finalist Presentations and Awards

Interested in sponsoring us?

Help foster a high school tech community by partnering with us.



2019-20 Organizers

Tatiana Sinelnikova

Core Organizer 2019-20

Jacob Pan

Core Organizer 2019-20,
Assistant Organizer 2018-19

Rosy Chen

Core Organizer 2019-20,
Assistant Organizer 2018-19

Jiangfeng Chu

Core Organizer 2019-20


Rina Tu

Assistant Organizer 2019-20

Kelso Fiedler

Assistant Organizer 2019-20

Supritha Challa

Assistant Organizer 2019-20


Akshath Jain

Original Co-Founder 2017

Core Organizer 2017-18

Janet Wang

Original Co-Founder 2017

Core Organizer 2017-18


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